Friday, January 17, 2014

25 Facts About Me

This is where I should probably write a brief intro like "here's some facts about me" or "hey, I'm going to do a personal post today" but that just makes me feel like I'm talking to myself, which is something I'm still trying to get used to haha are 25 random facts about me:

1. I laugh ALL the time.

2. My birthday is on December 1st. 

3. I'm tone deaf. Seriously, I am. 

4. When I was little, I trimmed my eyelashes with a pair of kid scissors, hoping that they would grow back longer and thicker. I only did it on one eye, but I forgot which eye I did it on so to this day, I can't really tell if it made a difference. (Major fail haha)

5. Crowds make me nervous. 

6. I'm an only child.

7. If you ever need anything planned or organized, I'm your person.

8. 100% DOG LOVER - Dogs melt my heart. The feeling I get when I'm around dogs is truly one of a kind. 

9. I prefer a home cooked meal than going out to eat. 

10. I love trying new foods, especially when it's something that tastes good AND is healthy for you.

11. I believe that everything happens for a reason. 

12. I'm an optimistic - I'm that annoying friend that finds a bright side in everything.

13. I don't want to admit it, but I'm kind of a perfectionist. 

14. Picky eaters frustrate me because they have such a restricted food pallet. 

15. When I get extremely sad or upset, I like to break away from reality and listen to tear-jerking and emotional songs.

16.  When I come across a song that really speaks to me, I like to play it over and over again to the point where I've basically used up all its magic. Then I would move on to the next song. It's an endless cycle. 

17. Hilary Duff was my childhood idol. 

18. I'm a pretty punctual person. (Apparently I also like to use alliterations)

19. Despite my lack of hand-eye coordination, I enjoy playing video games.

20. It honestly scares the crap out of me when I think about my future. 

21. I am terrible with makeup. 

22. A teeny tiny part of me is waiting for that prince to come into my life and sweep me off my feet.

23. I'm a very clumsy person.  

24. I don't need much to be happy. 

25. When someone does something thoughtful and special for me, I'll remember it for a lifetime. 

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  1. you are beautiful and your blog is cute! loving the smoothie posts! x