Sunday, October 5, 2014

Photo diary: Back to school

Back-to-school week is always filled with so many emotions and excitement. Now imagine what it must be like to have what might be your last first week of school ever. Yep, if all goes according to plan, I will be graduating in Spring next year, which makes this my last year at the university. Pretty nerve-wracking, I would say. And seeing the freshmen class with their maps and freshmen lanyards around campus makes me feel incredibly nostalgic. College years really do go by in a blink of an eye.

In the midst of the hectic week, I took some photos to document the highlights of my back-to-school week. I love looking back on them maybe years from now and having a goofy smile on my face, remembering all the wonderful and crazy times I had in college ;) 

- Saturday, Sept 27th - 
Heading home from a mini-vacay in San Diego. After arriving home at 9pm, I unpacked and packed again as I was leaving for school early in the morning the next day. 

- Sunday, Sept 28th -
Move-in day! Move-in days are always crazy, exciting, and extremely exhausting. I tend to take my time when it comes to unpacking so my desk (on the far right) was (or still is) a mess when I took this picture. As I was going through my things, I realized that I forgot to bring so many things from home. Never pack last minute guys! You are just bound to forget something if you do. 

- Tuesday, Sept 29th - 
Though school doesn't officially start 'till Thursday, I had to go to work to finish a few projects before the quarter begins. I ran into this fella on-campus as I was on my way to work in the morning. Deer, squirrels, and raccoons are all over campus so spotting animals around school is an every-day thing. Did I mention that we also have cows?

- Thursday, Oct 2nd - 
Dinner at Rosie McCann's Irish Pub and Restaurant to celebrate the last first day as an undergraduate student!

- Saturday, Oct 4th - 
Fireworks for the 100th anniversary of the Santa Cruz Wharf! Spent the day with some girl friends at the beach and caught the amazing firework show at night.

For those who are in school, I hope you study hard, sleep more, and play wisely.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Be bold, says the pillow

Society 6


I've always thought that throw pillows can make such fun and statement pieces for the home. With their endless designs and patterns, they bring a little bit of a personality to a room. I picked out a few that caught my eye when I came across society6. I was particularly drawn to their unique and customized styles, which I later learned that their products on the site are designed by artists from all over the world!