Friday, January 2, 2015

Dim Sum on New Years

Happy New Year! Here's to an amazing 2015 filled with happiness and warmth!
On New Years day, my family and I decided to go to a very popular dim sum restaurant, called Koi Palace. We've never been, but heard impressive reviews about them and wanted to see what the rave was all about. The place was packed when we arrived at noon, and I mean packed as in there were no available tables (in a restaurant that seats over 100), and large groups of people filled up the waiting room and even gathered outside near the entrance. We expected there to be a wait, but we didn't realize it would be that crazy. After a 2-hour wait (insane, right?), we were seated at a comfortable area, and good thing the food didn't take long to come, because we were starving! The atmosphere was warm and lively as it was filled with excited chatter. As for the food, let's just say it was worth the long wait. I'm not particular when it comes to dim sum, but after going there, it has set my expectations pretty high for all dim sum places now. From the savory dishes to the sweet treats, everything were super delicious! I walked out of the place with a satisfied belly, still thinking about the warm and gooey baked Portuguese custard tarts we ordered. They were my favorite! It's a solid dim sum place, and I can't imagine going anywhere else for dim sum. 

What we ordered:

Stewed Chicken Feet in Abalone Sauce

Coconut Banana Mouse Cake

Pan Seared Crispy Noodle with Mixed Seafood

Mongolian Beef Bun

Pan Grilled Pork Bun

Salt and Pepper Calamari

Shanghai Style Juicy Pork Dumpling

Shangxi Style Dates Cake

Shrimp Dumpling

Baked Portuguese Custard Tart


  1. OHMYGOSH THAT FOOD LOOKS AMAZING!! Ok, caps are off now, I've calmed you may be able to tell, I love food....and that food looks frickin epic!

    1. it tasted just as AMAZING AND EPIC as it looks!! :)