Saturday, February 27, 2016

My Favorite Ways to Brighten the Home

I couldn't be happier seeing the skies getting clearer and nights warmer now that we're finally approaching March and Spring is right around the corner. For me, another season means the chance to hit the refresh button and begin new again. I can't imagine a better way to welcome spring and freshen my space than adding a few simple touches around the house. I've always had an obsession with home decor and making the space visually pleasing and inviting to be in, so I'm very excited to share some of my favorite ways to brighten the home for the warmer season. 


A happy home starts with a clean one. Before diving into all the decorating fun, I like to make sure there is actually plenty of space for me to work with, so I do some cleaning and tidying around the house, paying extra attention to the common areas which gets messy probably about ten times a day. Having an organized space helps tremendously before adding and arranging decor around the house. Decorating around a messy home wouldn't be effective, as I'll just be adding more to the clutter and ultimately make the space feel crowded.

I've been wanting to do a tumblr-inspired wall for awhile now and I'm happy that I finally got around to it, as I made a themed one for Spring. Of course, I had to go for some florals and though the pictures are simple, they add touches of fun colors to the otherwise bare wall. This was a quick and fun DIY project to do. I simply saved a couple of photos from my tumblr feed to my desktop, printed them and posted them on the wall in a way that I thought looked nice. The pictures bring me lots of good vibes every time I look at them. 

Although I feel like the stores are putting out seasonal decorations earlier and earlier every year, I think they serve as good reminders that changes are coming and it's time to get in the spirit of things. The endless selections of seasonal decor, especially for Thanksgiving and Christmas (my two favorite holidays to decorate for) make it easy to pick out new additions for the home. Whether it's choosing a pumpkin or a Christmas wreath, it's a fun way to welcome the season with all the while adding a little something new to the house. And knowing that these kinds of things only appear once a year, they can make the home feel extra special and cozy. Last fall, I spiced up the coffee table with an autumn garland and a fake pumpkin (pictured above), I absolutely loved how they looked together and the autumnal colors garnered much attention.

I am as obsessed about having prints around the home as I am about wearing them, whether they're stripes, polka dots, or florals. they instantly add bursts of personality to a space. Stripes tend to have a level of sophistication while polka dots are fun and girly. Floral prints are my favorite, especially around this time of the year, as they're sweet and feminine. Putting prints together can create a unique and unexpected element to the space. In the background of the picture above, I have these autumnal colored polka dotted pillows on my black and white floral couch that go surprisingly well together. I love that it's different and that it makes the space feel livelier. 

Last but not least, having flowers around the home can make the biggest different. I love that the warmer season gives me the excuse to shower the home with all things floral and bright, and it doesn't get any better than flowers. I personally prefer fresh flowers because I love picking them out at the local farmer's market, but fake flowers are definitely more practical and cost friendly. Whether they're fresh or fake flowers, they instantly brighten the space and are aesthetically pleasing. You just can't go wrong with a vase (or two) of flowers in the house. If you want an instant pick-me-up for the home, I suggest checking out online flower delivery services, such as BloomNation. They have such a huge selection of freshly arranged flowers that it's hard to simply choose one!

What are some of your favorite ways to brighten up your space?

Sunday, February 7, 2016

January Loves

I've been meaning to share some of my current favorites ever since last month, hence the title --- and am so happy that I finally got this blog post up along with a video before mid-February comes around. What are some of your current favorites?


I've completely fallen in love with this watch. The simplicity of the details is every minimalistic's dream come true. The subtle tan leather band paired with the gold face creates a very classy, yet chic look. It's such a versatile piece that I wear it every day!

Cat Ears Headband (similar)
This was a last minute purchase for my Halloween costume in October, but this has been super useful for keeping my baby hair out of my face when I'm doing a mask or just washing up before bed. I love that I've found a new use out of it, because otherwise it would've just been lost in a drawer somewhere. Bonus points for looking cute with these ears on when your face is covered in charcoal hehe.

The purple-orange lenses really set it apart from my other pairs of sunglasses. It has a fun and playful style to it, which is perfect for Spring and Summer. I also like that it's very light so I don't have to worry about having marks on my face after wearing it for a long time. I can't wait to wear this on beach days.


I've always dreaded putting on SPF, because of its' thick formula and artificial smell, but this product is AMAZING. It has a watery consistency, but goes on matte and absorbs quickly. It doesn't clog my pores and is perfect for people with oily and sensitive skin like me. I'm never going back to drugstore sunscreen after this. 

This lipstick is an old favorite of mine, and honestly it's one of the beauty products that I will always come back to. It's super moisturizing and has been a staple piece in my winter makeup routine. From the tube, it looks like a dark grape color, but it actually comes out to a pretty fuchsia shade, which complements  my skin tone as it brightens my complexion.

The eyeshadow stick is in this soft champagne color that's perfect for either everyday looks or girls night outs. I use it on my eyelids and on the inner corners of my eyes for a natural bright-eyed look. 

This body butter from The Body Shop smells like dessert in a jar. It makes me feel like I'm indulging in something sweet and heavenly every time I put it on before I go to bed at night.

| FOOD |

Belvita breakfast biscuits in Cranberry Orange
I'm addicted to these. I would grab one every morning before heading out the door during the weekdays. They're the next best thing to having a real breakfast. They only have a hint of sweetness and I find them to be super satisfying compared to a regular granola bar. 

Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares - Dark Chocolate Collection 
Not a bad word can ever be said when it comes to chocolate, especially dark chocolate. It's so hard to simply have just one of these. If you haven't tried their dark chocolate collection (contains dark chocolate with caramel, 72% cacao , and 60% cacao), I definitely recommend it. Being that I haven't had chocolate for a while, this is a very dangerous thing to have around the house.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Pieces of January | Monthly Round-Up

Post-holiday blues hit me pretty hard in the new year. With me being sick for the first whole week and then not feeling like I was giving 100% in everything I was doing at work and home, it was a rocky start to 2016. On top of that, I was feeling down about my life and was confused on so many levels. But that's a story for another day. Mainly, I think I just had a lot of good times in December from being with friends, decorating the house, and feeling festive everywhere I went that I wasn't prepared for the quiet that came after New Year's day. I wasn't planning on sharing this little rambling of mine, but I thought it would be nice to show a more personal aspect to the usual monthly round-up posts, and hopefully, some of you can relate. I think now it's only appropriate to end here with a feel-good song (at least I think it is?): 

Insanely addicting

These feel ridiculously uncomfortable. No? Just me then?

Took my ramen to the next level with this easy recipe

First yoga, now pilates. My weekends just got more zen.

To splurge or not to splurge.