Friday, March 27, 2015

Review: Best of Memebox Set

I guess we can call March the month of Memebox, because this marks the third time I will be talking about products purchased from their online Korean Cosmetics and Skincare store. Ever since I discovered the trendy Korean beauty company a few months ago, I've been wanting to try a box from their wide selection of affordable beauty box sets. From special USA boxes, such as The Hangover Box to exclusive mystery boxes, like the Easter Mystery Box, I was really intrigued by it all. Being that the boxes are limited and they tend to sell out fast, I was excited that I was able to get my hands on the "Best of Memebox Set". In it contains five products that had rave customer reviews, and some were winners of the 2014's Memebox Beauty Awards. As a first-timer, I'm very happy with the products. Their range of beauty boxes are unique and affordable, and they are great for those who are new to the Korean beauty trend. 

I'm a huge fan of Korean brand sheet masks, and this one did not disappoint. I could tell it was extremely hydrating when I teared the packet open, and some of the essence splattered out. I wouldn't say it brightens, as I've only used it once. It's great to use in the warmer seasons, because it instantly cools and refreshes the skin. 

Though the product says it's "gel", it seemed more like a regular pencil eyeliner to me. The eyeliner came in Champagne Pink, which is a lovely pale color with sparkles. I use it on the inner corners of my eyes for a bright-eyed look. It's long-lasting, which makes the white flecks hard to wash off. The sparkles don't like to stay in one place, but a little eyeshadow primer should do the trick. 

The site claims this to be a lipgloss/lipstick, but the lack of shine and color of the product reminds me of a lip balm. It glides on smooth, and has a soft peach-colored tint. It acts as a good base for layering on other lip products. On the first few applications, the product left behind bits of colored residue/flakes on my lips. It's not a super hydrating formula, and I discovered that it contains parabens. 

This is a 3-in-1 primer, with SPF 15. Mine was in Lavender Pink, which claims to be best for people with yellow undertones and helps to brighten dull complexion. A little goes a long way for this product, as the formula is on the liquidy side. It's easy to squeeze out more than you need because it's very runny. The formula has a sweet scent, and is in the shade of a light lavender color. It becomes white when blending it onto the skin. Be careful not to use too much, or it might leave a white cast on your face. It's very gentle, and helps even out my skin tone. 

This is actually my second jar. The first time I got it was when I first discovered Memebox, and bought it as an individual product to try. I was running low on the first jar, and didn't mind getting it again because it was more affordable to get it as part of the box set. As I mentioned in another Memebox review, I like to use this at night, as it delivers incredible hydration and soothes my skin. It has a clean scent, and the airy consistency absorbs easily into the skin. It's an all around great product!

Have you stepped into the Korean beauty trend? 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Review: Holika Holika Aqua Fantasy Toner

Holika Holika Aqua Fantasy Toner

Toners are one of my favorite things at the moment. It's funny that half a year ago, I didn't know much about them aside from the fact that they followed the cleanse-moisturize-routine. Ever since I read about the benefits of using a toner, I've incorporated it into my daily skincare routine. Now it's an essential part of my skincare regime. This brings me to talk about the Aqua Fantasy Toner I purchased recently. When I first opened the box, I took a good five minutes marveling at the sleek bottle, because it's unlike anything I'v gotten before. Leave it to the Korean beauty market to come up with such a fresh, yet edgy design. I thought it looked nice on the website, but it looked even better in person. Okay, enough of me rambling about the beautiful bottle, and onto the review.

❊ ❊ ❊

What it claims: 
The paraben-free formula delivers deep hydration to the skin layers to relieve and refresh stressed and tired skin.

First impression: 
I was in awe when I saw this beautiful glass bottle. The packaging is unlike anything I've ever gotten before. It has a twist cap, and because the toner has a gel-like consistency, it requires a few shakes to dispense the product onto a cotton pad. It has a light and refreshing scent, and is very gentle on my skin.

Final thoughts: 
I absolutely love this toner! Over the few weeks I've been using it, I noticed that it has improved my complexion. I may just be imagining things, and could still be in awe with how pretty the bottle is, but I feel that the toner leaves my skin super soft and smooth, and complexion clear and bright.

❊ ❊ ❊

I shall end this post with some of the wonderful things about using a toner:
1) It minimizes the look of pores
2) It removes toxins, and provides extra cleansing.
3) It balances the skin's pH level, which is helpful for oily and/or acne-prone skin types.

What's your current skincare favorite?

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Warby Parker | 2

Round 2 of Warby Parker!

I tried Warby Parker's Home Try On for the first time back in September, but didn't end up finding a pair I quite liked. I did a post about it, which you can read here. I was so impressed by how fast and easy the service was that I ordered some pairs to try again! The idea of picking out 5 pairs to try for 5 days sounds super innovative and cool, and since I'm on school break right now, it gives me plenty of time to test out the pairs. It was the same excellent service this time around, as I received my order just a few days after it was processed. Two of the pairs didn't fit right, but that helped me narrow it down to the three pairs that are pictured below. I have to say, I'm really liking the last one, "Laurel", as the two-toned style gives off quite a fresh and clean look. What do you think, yay or nay?

Sunday, March 1, 2015

A little update + Memebox

Hello! Happy 1st of March! I will say it again and again, how is time flying by so fast?! I'm drowning in my studies, as week 9 of the school's quarter system is just around the corner. Final class assignments and papers are all I can think about right now. And preparing for next quarter has got me all nervous, because it means i'm this close to graduating in Spring. Oh my goodness, don't even get me started on my plans after graduation. It's very overwhelming and makes me want to crawl into a Alice's rabbit's hole. As i've clearly been absent on the blogging front, I wanted to do this quick update and say, (or maybe just remind myself), that i am well and (barely) surviving these few weeks i have left before spring break. I probably won't be posting much until then. But i leave you with another beauty-related review!

_   _   _

If you love the Korean beauty trend, then you'll be very excited to hear about Memebox (pronounced me-me-box), a company known for selling exclusive boxes filled with the hottest Korean beauty products. Aside from their special boxes, they also have a USA shop where you can purchase individual products. I opted for this feature, as I was looking to stock up on a few skincare products. Being the indecisive person that I am, it took forever to pick out the products (when i only needed three things), because there were so many to choose from. Everything looked high-quality and it was hard to resist all the cute packaging.
Shipping was very fast, as it came two days after my order was processed. I'm completely obsessed with the site now, and it will be the first thing I hit up when looking for Asian-brand beauty products.


Tony Moly Sheet Mask
Being that this is a very popular Korean brand, I was disappointed to find how poor of a quality the sheet mask was. It teared when i was unfolding it and ripped some more on the side when I was smoothing it onto my face. Though the scent was nice, I probably won't be getting it again.

Plant Stem Cell Moisturizer Goddess Cream
I mostly use this at night before i go to sleep. It absorbs easily and has a cooling effect, which suits my oily skin type. It's extremely lightweight, and the airy consistency is very similar to the one from Etude House (link here).

Missha Near Skin Cleansing Cream
This cleaning cream doesn't work up to a lather, as it completely absorbs into my skin when I message it onto my face. The scent-free cream has tiny yellow beads, and according to the product details, they contain vitamin E, which help get rid of impurities. I've never used anything like it before, but i like that it's gentle and makes my skin super soft. I've also noticed that I've been breaking out less since using it. I highly recommend it for those with sensitive skin!