Friday, March 14, 2014

Food Discoveries: Skinny Cow

Goodbye Kit-Kats, and hello Skinny Cow heavenly crisps!

I came across these Skinny Cow crisp bars as I was digging through the snack cabinet a few weeks ago and I've been addicted to them ever since! They are honestly the yummiest chocolate covered wafers I've ever had. I like them better than Kit-Kats as they don't leave an overly sticky aftertaste. Plus, they're only 110 calories per bar!  

I was instantly hooked after the first bite so I went on their website to check out their other products.  From their selection of frozen snacks to the chocolate candy, they all looked incredibly delicious and irresistible. I believe the Skinny Cow brand is known for its low-calorie and tasty snacks. The fact that their chocolates come in small individual packages helps me to avoid over-snacking haha.

What got me really excited is finding out that they recently came out with the chocolate crisp bars in RASPBERRY! Chocolate and raspberry are the best thing since PB&J really. Since they are exclusively sold at Target, I will definitely be making a Target run and then happily indulge in my new favorite thing. 

Can't believe I rambled on about this little thing, sometimes I get way too carried away about food!

I dare you to try this and tell me that it isn't better than Kit-Kats!

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