Saturday, December 12, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide

I always come across a particular problem when it comes to finding Christmas presents, each year about two weeks away from Christmas and nowhere near getting my gifting completed, I still manage to convince myself that I'll eventually find the gifts I'm looking for. I have this stubborn idea in my head that the perfect gift will just come to me, and needlessly to say it almost never works out that way.  I just never seem to have a clear idea of what to get for friends and family. And when I start seeing the cut off Christmas delivery dates on the shopping sites, reality kicks in and the pressure for finding the perfect gift goes up sky high. I get super meticulous when picking out gifts for others because I want them to be meaningful as well as practical. If you're like me and still has some names to cross off on the gifting list, I put together a last minute gift guide that hopefully will give you some ideas. The guide includes some of my favorites things for this season and there just might be something on there for that ultimate baker, organizer, or trendsetter in your life.

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