Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Trader Joe's Tuesday: Mini Dark Chocolate Mint Stars

I can't express how excited I was walking into Trader Joe's last week and seeing the Christmas-themed snacks spread out all over the store. I felt like I stepped inside a festive food wonderland filled with gingerbread houses, candy cane Joe Joe's, and peppermint pretzel slims. With the endless selections of TJ's seasonal treats, I don't know how I managed to resist them all and only come out with one holiday-themed item. The winner is the Mini Dark Chocolate Mint Stars that caught my eye with its cute and fun miniature shape. I love mint-chocolate anything, so I knew I would enjoy these. The delicate-looking stars are shortbread cookies covered in mint chocolate and topped with white pareils. It's impossible to eat just one of these. The mini size may look harmless, but not so much after realizing that I had eaten handfuls of the chocolate stars in a single sitting. (I kept popping them into my mouth like candy). The mint flavor isn't overpowering and pairs with the dark chocolate wonderfully. The mint stars also look very cute so I think they'd make a great snack to put out when I have people over for the holidays...that is if I don't end up eating them all :p

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5 out of 5

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