Saturday, October 5, 2013

Dorm Cookies

Now that I’m back in college, I find it extremely hard to eat healthy. The chicken burgers and blueberry muffins in the dining commons are just too good to pass up. On top of that, I constantly find myself snacking and staying up late, which is not a good mix.

So I'm glad to have spontaneously stumbled upon Blogilates channel on Youtube the other night. I watched her food videos and was practically drooling at the end. The recipes seemed so simple and the best of all was that they were low on calories and so healthy! I was obsessed! The #cheapcleaneats videos really stood out for me because being that I’m a poor college student, I am always looking for cheap ways to make foods that will satisfy my tummy.

Below is a cookie recipe (credit to Blogilates). I had to improvise on a few of the ingredients, but it turned out pretty good! It was super easy to make so I suggest you try it! You can check out her site for some more healthy and delicious recipes!

Makes 4 Cookies

What you'll need: 
Half a banana
1 snack size Hersey’s Chocolate Bar
2 packs of Quaker Oats Instant Oatmeal *I used strawberry flavor

Break chocolate bar into chocolate-chip sizes. Mix everything in a bowl, be sure to completely smash the bananas with your hands. Don’t be afraid to really dig into the mix (oatmeal is good for your skin ;p). Ball the mix into half the size of your palm and flatten. Microwave for 40 seconds. Let it cool for 1 minute. And there you have it! Yummy!  

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