Saturday, July 19, 2014

[Empties]: First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Liquid Recovery

This is the first beauty product that I've emptied in a very long time. I have this thing where it takes me forever to finish anything that is skincare and beauty related. I have tons of half used lotions, chapsticks, and makeup products sitting around the house - forgotten and probably way past its expiration date. I'm not the only one who's like that, right?

So it was somewhat of a surprise when I noticed that I was nearly done with this whole bottle of First Aid Beauty's Ultra Repair Liquid serum. Since I have sensitive skin that gets inflamed super easily,  I picked up this particular product, which claims to "hydrate, reduce redness, and repair stressed skin."

Personally, I was disappointed to find that the product did not make much of a difference to my skin. It was indeed light and hydrating, but other than that, nothing else stood out. Firstly, it had a very funky smell. Scent is everything to me when it comes to skincare products so I was thrown off by the unpleasant smell. Second, because the serum is liquid based, I did not like that it was designed in a way where I had to squeeze the tip to get the formula onto my palms. Often times, the liquid would drip right through my fingers before I could even pat it onto my skin, resulting in a bit of a waste. 

Like most skincare products out there, the serum did a good job providing temporary results. My skin appeared the smoothest and hydrated when I used it right after showering and washing my face. But that could just be the result from my other skincare products that I'm using.

Overall, I was not impressed and considering the price, it could've been better. But then again, it might work for someone with a different skin type.

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