Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Review: Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner

This was the first toner I've ever purchased and it has left a lovely first impression on me. Before I got  the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner from The Body Shop, I did some research and many users raved about how it wasn't over-drying and prevented breakouts. 

I've been using the toner for over 6 months now and noticed a couple of differences. First, it didn't sting or dry out my skin at all. After using it for so long, I expected my skin to get a little dry, but nope, there's absolutely no signs of it drying out my skin. It actually left my skin very fresh looking and smooth. Second, it mattified my skin like it claimed on the bottle. Since I have oily skin and am always looking for products to control my shiny t-zone area, I found this to be very helpful. In terms of breakouts, it didn't entirely stop me from breaking out every now and then, but I did notice that the pimples that I would get went away rather fast. They didn't linger like they used to and I was extremely happy about that. As for the scent, it was a little strange, but it wasn't overbearing so I didn't mind it. 

Personally, this was a very good first toner for me to start out with. It was extremely gentle and my skin reacted pretty well to it. After I finish this bottle, I think I'm going to try out a different toner just so I can have something to compare it with. Hmm, I've been especially keeping an eye out for toners that help reduce redness and minimize pores. I'll definitely keep you posted! 

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