Friday, September 19, 2014

Warby Parker | Home Try-On

UPDATE: read my post on my second Warby Parker Home Try-On here.

For months I've been looking to purchase a new pair of eyeglasses, and then I stumbled across WARBY PARKER's line of eyewear after vaguely hearing about their free try-on program in a Spotify ad once. I did some research here and there and discovered some impressive facts about the innovative brand:

◆ for every pair they sell, another pair is given to someone in need ◆ they believe that eyewear should be fun, easy, and inexpensive ◆ the customers, employees, community, and environment are at the heart of the brand's decision-making ◆

Fast forward another couple of months, I got the chance (and time) to order a few pairs from their collection for the home try-on.The home try-on program allows you to choose any five pairs of eyeglasses on their site and you get to keep them for five days to see how you like them. After those five days are up, you simply pack everything up and ship it back to them with a pre-paid shipping label included in the box. Pretty neat idea, right? The best thing is that it's completely free because they pay for the shipping.

With so many of their simple, yet classic designs, I spent the longest time choosing the five pairs that I wanted to try. The fact that I wasn't sure what type of glasses suited me did not help. I'm never certain about what face shape I have. Guessing that I'm somewhere in the round-oval category, I chose glasses with angular frames, hoping that would help add definition to my face.

As for the service I've received so far, I can tell that they truly value their customers in the detail and care they put into every order. They made the process extremely easy. The delivery service was excellent - the box actually arrived a day early - and with all the different options I had for reaching out to them, it made me feel like I could easily contact them for help.

Being the indecisive person that I already am, I made it even more difficult for myself to decide on a pair by picking out ones with similar frames and styles. The one pair that stood out was the first one, Baxter. But it could just be that it's the only pair that is noticeably different from the others.
What do you think? Feel free to share your thoughts/comments - the good, the bad - I'm all ears!


Is there a winner among the pairs?

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