Sunday, March 1, 2015

A little update + Memebox

Hello! Happy 1st of March! I will say it again and again, how is time flying by so fast?! I'm drowning in my studies, as week 9 of the school's quarter system is just around the corner. Final class assignments and papers are all I can think about right now. And preparing for next quarter has got me all nervous, because it means i'm this close to graduating in Spring. Oh my goodness, don't even get me started on my plans after graduation. It's very overwhelming and makes me want to crawl into a Alice's rabbit's hole. As i've clearly been absent on the blogging front, I wanted to do this quick update and say, (or maybe just remind myself), that i am well and (barely) surviving these few weeks i have left before spring break. I probably won't be posting much until then. But i leave you with another beauty-related review!

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If you love the Korean beauty trend, then you'll be very excited to hear about Memebox (pronounced me-me-box), a company known for selling exclusive boxes filled with the hottest Korean beauty products. Aside from their special boxes, they also have a USA shop where you can purchase individual products. I opted for this feature, as I was looking to stock up on a few skincare products. Being the indecisive person that I am, it took forever to pick out the products (when i only needed three things), because there were so many to choose from. Everything looked high-quality and it was hard to resist all the cute packaging.
Shipping was very fast, as it came two days after my order was processed. I'm completely obsessed with the site now, and it will be the first thing I hit up when looking for Asian-brand beauty products.


Tony Moly Sheet Mask
Being that this is a very popular Korean brand, I was disappointed to find how poor of a quality the sheet mask was. It teared when i was unfolding it and ripped some more on the side when I was smoothing it onto my face. Though the scent was nice, I probably won't be getting it again.

Plant Stem Cell Moisturizer Goddess Cream
I mostly use this at night before i go to sleep. It absorbs easily and has a cooling effect, which suits my oily skin type. It's extremely lightweight, and the airy consistency is very similar to the one from Etude House (link here).

Missha Near Skin Cleansing Cream
This cleaning cream doesn't work up to a lather, as it completely absorbs into my skin when I message it onto my face. The scent-free cream has tiny yellow beads, and according to the product details, they contain vitamin E, which help get rid of impurities. I've never used anything like it before, but i like that it's gentle and makes my skin super soft. I've also noticed that I've been breaking out less since using it. I highly recommend it for those with sensitive skin! 

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