Sunday, September 13, 2015

Re:Make Festival | Making DIY projects & more presents RE:MAKE FESTIVAL 

My creative side was in full swing on Saturday when I attended the 3rd annual Re:Make festival by

Being an avid reader of, an online platform that inspires creativity in every day life, I was beyond excited to find out they were hosting an all-day event open to the public. And without question, I just had to go. The free festival was held in a large indoor center with a high ceiling, decorated with's bright and colorful theme of living creatively. The festival featured a wide range of artisans, DIY stations, and musical performances. There were also photo booths with patterned backdrops that were scattered throughout the venue. It was a family-friendly event, as there were lots to see, create, and experience!

My eyes always light up and I end up looking like I'm on a mission whenever I find an opportunity to make DIY things. So imagine my face when approaching tables covered with all different types of arts and craft materials at the DIY stations. One of the sponsors was Michael's craft store, which has been my favorite place to go to recently. I think it was all just meant to be really (hehe). At the DIY stations, you could make necklaces; design cards, bags, and t-shirts; and go wild with coloring books. There were also DIY projects for making facial scrubs and instagram-like magnets. Needless to say, the festival was a a very popular event and surely it got chaotic fast, but everyone was extremely respectful and friendly. We were all mindful and shared materials of all sorts with one another. As for my mini DIY collection, I made an oatmeal-honey facial scrub and several photo magnets, and  designed a reusable bag. It was amazing to see everyone bringing out their creative side and seeing different creations of the same project. Of the projects I made, the magnets were my favorite! I now have them lined up in a row on my fridge, they give the kitchen a nice and fresh touch.

DIY projects aside, there were much to explore as a variety of artisans showcased their products. Startups and independent sellers in areas including beauty, home goods, accessories, clothing, paper goods, tech, and food took part in the annual festival. From macaron-shaped gel nail kits to chic homemade jewelry, every table was worth stopping for. There was start-up company that made custom orders on shoes, called Walkinthese. Though their shoes look like Toms, I don't believe they are associated with the popular brand, as all orders from Walkinthese shoes are designed and hand-painted in the U.S.A. Another was a drink company called Ficks, which are basically cocktail fortifiers that provide balance and restore lost nutrients when consuming alcoholic beverages. In short, it reduces the likelihood of getting a hangover. I'm not a huge fan of alcoholic drinks, but it seemed very clever.

The creativity didn't stop when it came to the food. From the delicately marbled meringues to fancy assortments of s'mores that were toasted on the spot, everything looked incredible. In the midst of the heavenly sweet treats, my friend led me over to a table displaying red fiery jars. Turned out it was a local company specializing in sirarcha-style sauces, called Sosu.  They commit to bringing the healthiest creations of flavorful sauces, as their products are organic and GMO-free. The condiments are Asian-inspired with a healthy twist. After sampling their products, I purchased a jar of Barrel-Aged Sirarcha for my dad, as he would appreciate its bold and smokey flavor. The sauce only consists of four ingredients: chili peppers, garlic, brown sugar, and sea salt, which I thought was really cool. Apart from the samples, there were tons of free goodies given out - a Hershey's candy bar upon entrance, a collection of Izze soda displayed on sleek bookcases. and a LunaBar table featuring their mini-bars in a variety of flavors. I love their energy and protein bars ever since discovering the company's philosophy on women empowerment and quality ingredients.

From this long post, you'd probably guessed that I had a blast at the event and enjoyed every minute of it. were right!! From making free DIY projects to browsing cute and dainty home goods, it was like being in a wonderland for anyone who's arts & crafts obsessed. It was amazing to see creative minds turn their ideas into reality and to witness a community of artisans who are passionate in their craft. So much creativity and talent all in one room!

 a coloring wall upon entrance

one of the many DIY stations

SOSU sauces :: samples

a collection of honey-based products from kendal's bees

s'mores roasted on request..


To make these photo magnets all you need are wooden squares, high-quality photos, magnetic tape, and mod podge.

What's your favorite thing to make for DIY projects?

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