Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Pieces of February | Monthly Round-Up

Happy March! I completely let Leap Day pass by without a mention, so I'm thinking about watching the movie Leap Year just to comfort me from the fact that the next one will be in four years. 

Honestly, February felt like a slow month, yet it went by in a blur. A few things that stood out included me going on a solo business trip to Arizona, putting away the Christmas tree, and getting a haircut. My trip to Arizona was for work, but I had a great time there nonetheless. It was my first time flying out of state on my own and I was very excited about it. I treated it like a mini getaway. Aside from the heat and exhaustion on the trip, I enjoyed getting away for a short while and even managed to sneak in some exploring after work hours. As for finally getting down the Christmas tree, every year I put up the artificial tree two months before the actual holiday and it's always the getting it down part that takes forever for me to get around to. If I do the calculation, I would say the tree has been on display in the house for about four months. I know, this was a long overdue task. Onto the haircut I got this past weekend, this isn't really worth mentioning, but do you ever walk into a salon for a trim and end up getting 4-5 inches cut off? That's wha happened to me and let's just say those few inches that were cut off made the biggest difference to my appearance. 

Fell completely and utterly in love with this cute country song.

Put snapchat and kawaii together and you get this cool app.

A spur of the moment purchase - the gal at the counter said the color looks different on everyone!

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