Thursday, March 31, 2016

Pieces of March | Monthly Round-Up

KoJa Kitchen | San Jose

KoJa = Korean + Japanese. Mix these cuisines together and you get drool-worthy inventions. Let me introduce you to a koja burger, which is like a burger but with fried rice buns. My friend brought me to the fast-food place when I visited her for a weekend and it was pretty life-changing. I usually don't crave meat, but I ordered the short rib koja (pictured above) and it was AMAZING. The meat was tender and packed with flavor, and the rice buns were sticky and delicious. It was absolute perfection. I couldn't stop thinking about how good it was after and was already planning my next visit. 

Philz Coffee | San Francisco 

I've been wanting a mint mojito coffee from Philz since the beginning of February and finally got around to treating myself to a cup on the friday before Easter weekend. I got myself a rather large one without realizing, needlessly to say, i got my caffeine fix for that day. The barista made mine sweet and creamy, it hit the spot on an unnaturally warm day in the city. I'm not a coffee drinker, but I'm always down for Philz mint mojito :p

In the very beginning of the year, I told myself I wasn't going to fall for this "trend" and get a pair of Adidas Superstars like everyone else was. And yet, here I am, obsessing over my new pair of Adidas. As I kept seeing everyone wearing them - whether it be on Instagram or at the mall - I eventually grew to really like the classic and sporty look. I got mine in a kids size and I feel like i'm back in middle school again, it's great. 

[ ..and other things ]

Rose gold for sandal season.

Pastries know the way to my heart.

Procrastinators unite. 

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