Saturday, April 9, 2016

Spring Outfits | VIDEO

Now that spring has officially arrived, spoiling us west coasters with beautiful sunny weather and cool breeze, I can swap the sweaters and fleece leggings for flowy tops and short shorts. Whilst doing some light spring cleaning over the past weekend, I noticed that I've collected quite a decent number of new pieces for the warmer months. After all I did start my spring shopping early in the beginning of February. Here are 7 outfits for which I will be wearing this season.



Outfit 1
top: Forever 21 
sunglasses: Quay

Outfit 2
top: Kendall and Kylie romper 

Outfit 3
top: Forever 21
bottom: Hollister

Outfit 4
top: Kendall and Kylie 
bottom: Hollister

Outfit 5
top: ASOS peasant blouse 
bottom: Hollister
sunglasses: Ray Ban

Outfit 6
top: UO v-neck tee

bottom: Bullhead denim super stretch shorts


Things must go out to make room for new things that come in. That's why I'm a strong believer in cleaning out the closet every 2-3 months and either donating or recycling the unwanted garments. Aside from donating the clothes to your local Salvation Army or Goodwill, below are two sites that I've used before that gladly take unwanted clothing:

H&M Conscious
Give Back Box

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