Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Sunday Eats #3

A quiet Sunday to myself called for some yummy homemade dishes.

Breakfast - 11:30 AM
Because I never wake up early enough on weekdays to have a proper breakfast, I always look forward to fixing myself a big one on weekend mornings. Breakfast was oatmeal with vanilla almond milk, cocoa powder, topped with blueberries, sliced bananas, kiwis, and peanut butter. I loved the way the creamy peanut butter melted into the warm oats.

Snack - 1:40 PM
Vanilla & cream yogurt from Trader Joe's and homemade chocolate banana muffin. The muffin is oil-free and sugar-free. I used applesauce and honey as substitutes. 

Lunch - 4:15 PM
I had leftover veggie (mixed peppers and zucchini) red thai curry and quinoa from last night. I made a quinoa version of fried rice except it's with veggie curry. I also made baked avocado fries for the first time. 

Dinner - 8:00 PM
I was craving for comfort Chinese food, so I made Mapo tofu and had it with Asian-style noodles. I ate the last of the cucumber slices topped with avocado and salmon left over from last night's dinner. 

Dessert - 8:40 PM
I'm not vegan, but curiosity gets the best of me so I'm always trying dairy-free options. This time, I tried the So Delicious ice cream in Mocha Fudge Almond and topped it with sliced bananas. The ice cream tasted pretty close to the real thing and I wouldn't mind getting it again.

Do you like trying vegan options?

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