Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Braces update #3: 12 months mark

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It was around this time last year when I was sitting nervously in the orthodontist's chair, waiting to get my braces for the first time. I still remember how weird and uncomfortable the braces felt after the visit. Now 12 months have flown by and I've adjusted very well as I rarely give them another thought.

In terms of my eating habits, I'm still reluctant to biting into one of those humongous burgers and shiny Fuji apples. Or maybe I've gotten used to not putting so much pressure on my gums. Other than that, I've pretty much given in to a lot of the foods that I didn't even want to bother with when I first got my braces, like chips, nuts, and cherry tomatoes. Considering that I was mostly consuming soft foods in the beginning (post here), it's been pretty smooth sailing. The one thing that hasn't changed is that food still gets stuck in the wires and sorts no matter how strategically I try to chew my food. Generally, it's not too troublesome as long as I don't get a piece of food stuck somewhere in the front for everyone to see. But quinoa is something I've learned to stay away from.

Like all my visits to the orthodontist, my mouth always ended up feeling sore right after and today was no exception. But I think I've gotten used to it by now that it hardly bothers me. For my visit today, I got some chains (that's what they called it in the office) wrapped on the wires of my braces on my front teeth, I'm assuming to close a slight gap that formed after shifting my teeth around and elastics to use for the right side of my mouth. They informed me that I will be getting my braces off in roughly 6 months if all goes well, which leads me to ask myself...

...when I get my braces off, should I bite into a big juicy burger first or a crispy Fuji apple?

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