Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Trader Joe's Tuesday: Pumpkin Waffles

One of the things I love most about Trader Joe's is that they carry the best seasonal food items around this time of the year. Two words: PUMPKIN EVERYTHING.

I've never shown much liking to pumpkin-flavored things aside from pumpkin pies, but Trader Joe's wide selection of pumpkin treats and snacks made it hard for me to resist. I'm all for trying anything that is festive related, especially when food is involved. I showed a little too much excitement over these pumpkin waffles when I saw them in the store. I was giddy over some waffles, so imagine my reaction when I saw pumpkin macarons, pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin pie spice butter...(and this was only the tip of the iceberg). I guess the holiday season is really getting to me. 

Okay, focus. I just want to point out how heavenly these waffles smell when fresh out of the toaster. The warm aroma of pumpkin and cinnamon make me want to run out and buy fall-scented candles. I feel very fancy on weekend mornings when I have them with fruits, honey, and all that good stuff for the toppings. I say weekend mornings, because on weekdays I'm always in a rush to go out the door that I eat them plain...as I walk to my car or sometimes in my car. I know, it's a little sad but I love it. There's something comforting about having these waffles in the crisp cold mornings. When it comes down to the actual taste and texture, these waffles are just okay. The spiced pumpkin smell is deceiving, because it makes you think that the waffles will have burst with flavor. But nope, I could only taste the smallest hint of pumpkin in every bite. It also doesn't have much of that crunchy-exterior-with-a-fluffy-interior-thing going on. Though the taste isn't amazing, these waffles are still very satisfying and I'm already on my second box. I think I'm mostly drawn to the warm and inviting pumpkin scent more than anything else. It makes me look forward to all the wonderful aromas of the holiday season. And I may or may not have gotten a few more pumpkin-flavored treats to help curb my holiday cravings until Thanksgiving comes around. 

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4 out of 5

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