Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday Eats #2

Here is the second round of my Sunday eats and it's also the last one I did while living in the apartment for summer school. The food was pretty random as I was trying finish some of the things that my parents brought over from when they visited me. 

- Breakfast - 

Yogurt with oats, topped with pineapples and honey. 

- Lunch - 

Quinoa and Mandarin orange chicken from TJ's, Japanese Wakame salad, and a Hawaiian roll fresh from the oven. 
(Put my sweet Hawaiian roll in the oven for the first time and it was delicious!)

For dessert, I had a small bowl of Japanese sweet pumpkin soup.

- Snack -

Half a cup of tea with a bit of almond milk and cookies from TJ's

- Dinner - 

Leftover quinoa from lunch, steamed broccoli with black pepper, cherry tomatoes, Hawaiian roll, and homemade shaomai, which are Chinese dumplings filled with sticky rice, minced pork, and mushrooms (There are many different varieties and this one originates from Shanghai). 

Though the food was all very different and a little random, they were very yummy and satisfying :p

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