Friday, October 9, 2015

FAVORITE Everyday Bag :: MZ Wallace Backpack

 || the ultimate city, travel, work, and all around everyday bag ||

I was looking for a new bag for fall, essentially one that I could easily carry on the daily commute to work. My mind was set on totes/shoulder bags, thinking they would be the roomiest and most practical. Being as indecisive as ever (and adding in a bit of impulsiveness on the side), the original plan completely went out the window, as I got a myself a city backpack. Because why not? Backpacks aren't just for school anymore. Okay, maybe I'm going through post-grad anxiety and found comfort in this cute little black backpack. 

Marlena by MZ Wallace is absolutely perfect -- from its design to its practicality -- it's everything I was looking for in a bag. The design of the gold hardware against the black nylon is really lovely, creating a classic and versatile look. On the inside, the bag is in this beautiful shade of red. The vibrant color adds an unexpected and unique edge, setting itself apart from most of the bags I've seen. I adore the color choices  - the gold detail against the sleek black, finished with the red lining - it's a timeless piece that looks effortlessly chic for every occasion.  

The American brand, MZ Wallace is known for its signature Bedford nylon, a high-quality material that's water and stain resistant. Because of this custom fabric, the backpack is super durable and lightweight. The level of detail put into its pocketing is amazing. For someone who likes knowing where everything is in a bag so I can quickly get to them, the Marlena does exactly that and more. Aside from the main pocket that's secured with a magnetic snap and a drawstring closure, there are 3 exterior pockets, and 5 interior pockets. There are literally pockets inside of pockets. It's pretty impressive. I was one happy camper finding pockets left to right, top to bottom. Now I just sound silly. Would it be going overboard if I told you that I organized my things about five times in the beginning because I got carried away with all the pockets? From technology to Metro card slots, this bag has all the bases covered. The main pocket that has the embelished gold-toned buckles carry my heaviest things (packed lunch, books, umbrella), while the interior hold my small everyday essentials (wallet, phone, sunglasses). 

Being that it was my first time hearing of this brand, I did a double take when I saw the price tag. But for the exceptional quality and style of this backpack, it's well worth it. It was quite a splurge for me, but upon getting it, I knew I would be (and have been) wearing the heck out of this bag. I haven't been able to part ways with it. Sometimes, I even take it out for a quick errand run just so I would have a reason to wear it. Kinda obsessed? No, just a bit attached because it's the best bag I've ever owned, and it's my absolute favorite piece of the year!


SEPTEMBER BITS VIDEO || see the MZ Wallace bag in action & watch me talk about all the things I picked up in September! 

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