Sunday, October 25, 2015

Florals in the Fall

Happy weekend! The sun's setting earlier and the leaves are changing colors, marking the beginning of fall. I went to the park on Saturday with my mom and we couldn't help but take some shots of the pretty colored leaves. Though the leaves have started to turn shades of yellow, gold, and orange, the weather has been unbelievably warm and dry. It looks like fall, but summer lingers in the air, hence the floral skirt I'm wearing in the pictures. Summer clothes in October? That's California weather for ya! I've been itching to take out my sweaters and cardigans, so this may be the last of the summer florals for this year. Chunky sweaters will be my go-to pieces once the weather cools down. Do you live for sweater weather? What's your go-to piece for the fall?

top: H&M
bottom: Forever 21
shoes: River Island

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