Sunday, November 15, 2015

7 Skincare Tips from a 21 Year Old

Tips for clear & healthy skin!

 Please note that my skin is far from perfect and all tips shared are based on personal experience. 
~ Skin type is oily & sensitive ~


I bet you've heard this one a hundred times - from parents, friends, celebrities - but it's so true, drinking lots of water does wonders for the skin. The skin is our largest organ and we're made up of more than 50% water (55% for adult women, 60% for adult men), so staying hydrated is key to healthy and glowing skin. I like to add a few lemon slices in my water, as lemons are known to have many beauty and health benefits. Just to name a few of them from the top of my head: They brighten skin's complexion, get rid of toxins in the body, and speed up the metabolism.

"Sunscreen prevents wrinkles!" That's what my mom would always say to me. It wasn't until I got a little older that I realized the harmful effects of too much sun exposure. UV rays ages the skin, which can make your face look dull and uneven. I find it really easy to forget to put on sunscreen because you can't see or feel any immediate results from using the product. I had the hardest time making it into a habit of putting on SPF every day, because firstly I didn't enjoy its consistency and secondly, I wasn't a fan of the smell. But once I found a sunscreen that was suited for my skin type, and one that I enjoyed using, it simply turned into another important step in my skincare routine.

It's hard to find time in the busy week to really take care of my skin and give it the attention it needs, which is why I like to treat myself to mini pampering sessions on weekends. I would do a deep cleanse and exfoliate, then finish with a hydrating sheet mask. When I'm feeling up to it, I would follow Korean beauty's 10 step skincare guide, I usually stop after the 7th step because I'm run out of products to use by then. I think this is a nice way to de-stress while preparing for me the week ahead.

This spins off from my previous tip. The concept of exfoliating sounded foreign to me for the longest time, but my skin has improved significantly since incorporating this essential step into my skincare routine. I use a gentle scrub suited for sensitive skin and focus more on the areas around my nose where my pores the biggest, which leads to more dirt and oil build-up. The exfoliating beads can cause serious irritation for your skin if you are not gentle with it.

Growing up, I was told to wash my face 3 or 4 times a day. I was such a messy eater and got food everywhere on my face that my parents made up this ridiculous rule to wash my face after every meal. They said it was good for my face. And I believed them! I thought if I washed my face enough times, I would have clearer skin. That's a completely false idea. I stick to washing my face once in the morning and again at night only. Washing your face too many times in a day can strip the natural oils from the skin, making it look dull and dry.

Warning: the next bit is going to sound gross. When I was young & clueless (still clueless, and I'd like to think I'm a kid at heart) and whenever felt a pimple forming on my face, I would touch that particular area on my face just so I can fully accept that it was there. I didn't realize how bad it was to touch my face like that, especially when the breakouts were in full force. Germs spread, oils spread, and next thing you know more pimples will be coming your way. I've let go of those slightly obsessive habits and just left my face alone. Breakouts go away much faster that way, as skin cells work their lovely magic.

Ever since I started using serum a few years ago, my skin has improved tremendously both in look and texture. I've always had dull-looking skin that lacked a healthy glow. But after catching onto this trend, my face appears brighter and has a more even skin tone. I've also had fewer breakouts. Because serums contain quality ingredients, they do not come cheap. I say splurge a little and treat yourself, a little goes a long way with these products and they deliver amazing results.


Those are my tips for ya! I hope you found them to be helpful and if you have any questions about anything related to skincare, ask away in the comments and I'd be happy to answer them!

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