Wednesday, November 11, 2015

My Christmas Tree | 2015

There is probably an unspoken rule somewhere out there about how the tree shouldn't be up until after Thanksgiving. Well that rule completely went out the window when I decided to dig out the Christmas decor and put up the tree this past weekend. I felt like such a rebel. And yes, I am that person who gets super carried away with all things festive around this time of the year. There is no better way to get in the holiday mood than being surrounded by fairy lights and holiday decor. Scented candles, twinkling lights, and pops of red and green are some of my favorite things to decorate the house with. They make everything feel warm and cozy, I love it. Anyhoo, for my tree this year, I decided to go with a shabby and chic look hence the burlap bow topper and understated gold ribbons. The other night, I purchased a set of shiny ornaments online on impulse so I'm not sure how they'll be incorporated into this theme. But knowing me who is a sucker for cute and dainty things, I will surely find a way to display them in the house if not on the tree.

I hope this is getting you into the holiday spirt. Though it may be stressful for some of you who have not even begun to think about Christmas, I will let you in on a secret. My holiday gift is completely blank, as I have absolutely no idea what to get for my friends and family this year. Starting with the holiday decor was the easy part...

As for the video showing how everything went down with the tree, I cut down a 3 hour recording of myself and the tree to a clip that's less than 2 minutes. Watch below for lots of fast forward motions and the inevitable - detangling the string lights. I will be posting a part two video where I decorate the tree with ornaments and bright, shiny things! 

Happy 11/11!


  1. The tree looks really good! Ours never has a theme because we just hang up heaps of ornaments that my brothers and I made in primary school. My parents won't let us put ours up until December 1st, so I'm hanging on for that day! xD
    I had a snoop around your blog and it looks really great!
    Little Robin xxx

    1. that sounds really special --i bet the ornaments bring back tons of memories! dec 1st is a perfect date to be putting up the tree, i'm getting all excited for you haha ;p

      thank you, i'm happy that you enjoyed looking through my blog :)