Friday, November 20, 2015

My West Elm Collection | Holiday Decor

Lately, I've been obsessed with adding fancy, decorative touches to the house that are fitting for all the end of the year festivities. West Elm, the ultimate home goods store that is all about classy and chic styles, has been my favorite place to have a look around. I constantly found myself making a mental wish list of all things sparkly...and rustic...and Mercury. I'm like a giddy school girl when it comes to decorating the home, and the holiday season is the perfect excuse for going overboard with fun and festive decor. It's only appropriate, don't you think? So after the umpteenth time of visiting the site and admiring their beautiful selection of things, I picked out a couple of decor pieces for the holidays. I know any experienced holiday shopper would know better than to buy anything between now and Black Friday (Cyber Monday too), but patience isn't one of my strong suits when it comes to shopping. The first thing I got was the set of the 6 Mercury ornaments. I fell in love with how glamorous they looked on the site. In person, they look just as pretty! Each of the glass ornaments is covered with silver and metallic specks, which look subtle from far away, but super neat up close! And can we just talk about the festive packaging it came in? I felt like I was opening a Christmas gift when I saw the confetti-like tissue paper tucked around each ornament. I hung the ornaments on the tree (and yes, I already have my tree up!) and they look as lovely as ever. I love that the simplicity of the detail doesn't get drowned out with the red and gold accents on the tree. It has the opposite effect actually, as they are quite eye-catching with its metallic-like finish and reflective glass.

To match with these ornaments and because I simply adore cute and dainty decor that can be put to good use for the home, I selected a couple of candle holders in various Mercury styles for the living room coffee table. Again, they feature the same glimmery look as the ornaments. However, these tealights have a dusted and aged finish, leaving random traces of transparent glass all around. When lit in the dark, the tealights sparkle and glow beautifully through the see-through areas. The flame reflects off the metallic glass, which creates a very warm and cozy setting. I placed my four candle holders around a simple plant on the coffee table, and voila I have myself a holiday centerpiece! I think any minimalistic would approve of my decor choice, yeah? They give the living room space a classy touch, and of course make the space feel so much cozier on a chilly night. 

In case you couldn't tell, I am loving these new additions to the living room space. The way that the Mercury-finished glass catches and reflects light is absolutely gorgeous and unlike anything I've ever owned in terms of home goods. Not to mention that the minimalist style is the perfect balance to the bright red and green colors that I have spread out around the house. What are some holiday decorations that you have in your home? Do you have a favorite among them?



  1. This post just made me so excited for Christmas, the decorations you bought are gorgeous! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

    1. YAY! christmas is less than a month away, can you believe how fast the days are flying by now that the holiday season is officially here?

      glad to have gotten you into the christmasy mood :)