Sunday, January 31, 2016

Warby Parker | 3

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I am a HUGE fan of Warby Parker, a high-quality and affordable eyewear brand that makes the process of finding the right pair ridiculously easy and fun. When I realized I needed a new pair of glasses, I couldn't be more excited as I picked out five pairs to try from their awesome Home Try-On Program - five pairs for five days, how cool is that? More details on the program here.

It seems like I'm always getting new glasses, as this is the third time using their service. My current pair, of course, is a Warby Parker classic, it's the Laurel in Tea Rose Fade, which I talked about in the post here. As much as I like the look of this one, it tends to slide off my face so I'm always having to readjust my glasses. I guess the frame was designed a little too big for me. My mom actually adores this pair and it fits her perfectly. Since she recently got a new eye prescription, I gave the glasses to her so she could have the frame for her new lenses - meaning that I get to pick out another pair for myself. Whatdoya know, a win-win situation hehe.

If you're looking to sport some seriously good-looking eyewear, I highly recommend trying Warby Parker. Their service is fantastic and when you experience their Home Try-On Program, it will make you never want to leave the house again for a new pair of glasses.

And finally, here are the five frames I selected for the Home Try-On. I'm leaning towards the last one  -Ames, what do you think?






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